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StudioCirca Revamp

StudioCirca – “the aftermath of modern art.” – Within the arena of StudioCirca, rules are meant to be broken …

At StudioCirca, Vincent Soliz is the driving force behind the company’s unique and innovative concepts and designs. From celestial bodies to classical art collages, the StudioCirca brand is known for its creativity and originality.

Our agency was tasked with bringing a fresh perspective to Vincent Soliz’s vision for StudioCirca. We transformed our sister studio in Los Angeles with lasers and projections of planets from the Milky Way solar system, and enlisted models from our influencer roster to align with StudioCirca’s target demographic.

By conducting market research and staying up-to-date on industry trends, we were able to identify the best people to represent the StudioCirca brand and increase the company’s social media exposure. As a result, our eye-catching marketing and advertising collateral were featured on a billboard in the Inland Empire.

At FINDREQ, we excel at creating powerful marketing and advertising assets that showcase the best aspects of our client’s brands, all at a cost-effective price. To learn more about the world of StudioCirca, visit www.StudioCirca.com.


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