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Brand P is a consumer electronics and manufacturing company that has been successful in South Korea, but is new to the US market. At the time of their partnership with Findreq, they had not yet established a branding, identity, or business model for the US market.

To help Brand P enter the US market, Findreq conducted intensive market research to identify potential business models for the company. This may have included researching the products and consumer trends, studying competitors in the market, and analyzing market shares. Findreq may have also gathered information from research papers and other sources to better understand the market landscape.

After conducting market research, Findreq contacted potential B2B vendors and software solution providers to explore opportunities and assess any specific demands in the market. They may have also obtained estimates for budgets and costs associated with entering the market.

In order to sell their products in the US market, Brand P was also required to develop or obtain localized software for their devices and establish a supply chain to reach end users. Findreq may have provided assistance with these tasks as well.

Findreq is well-suited to handle the tasks described because its team is specialized in large-scale business and manufacturing operations and has a thorough understanding of the development process. This expertise allows them to effectively conduct market research, reach out to potential partners, and assist with the development and localization of software and supply chains for Brand P.

Overall, Findreq has the knowledge and experience necessary to help Brand P enter the US market and establish a successful business in this market.


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